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I spent the day with my oldest friend (known her since like second grade, introduced me to my husband, maid of honor, lived together for a short time, yes I actually do have a couple friends in real life that I have not done wrong or slinked away from!) and we ended up at my parents house of all places, infiltrating my youngest brother's first dinner with his new adorable girlfriend (they are 15, and the rule is that they can't officially date till they are old enough to drive themselves, but can have dinner with the fam any time, just like when I was a kid!) and had such a fun time laughing and telling old remember when stories (like the time I choked on my spit just after finishing a bowl of clam chowder and proceeded to cough so hard that I threw it all up and filled my bowl again without spilling a drop on the table. sick, I know, but super humorous if you were there to witness it. Two things I am known for: too much saliva, hence drooling and choking unexpectedly, and being tidy, wrapped up in one perfect incident!)  Ah!  These are the good old days!  Anyway, I didn't get home till after sundown and thought I would just try to shoot a couple of quick shots to see if I could at least salvage the outfit.  I think the flash turned out fine. and actually, that moody blue gray color in the clouds is my second favorite color so I was pretty happy to get the shot!

My visitor arrives about midnight tonight!!  There will be a huge fireworks show at 10:00 pm right over my house which is just before I have to leave to go pick her up so it's going to be a pretty exciting evening!  I LOVE SUMMER SO MUCH!  I live for the way things are RIGHT NOW.  Oh so happy!

Jean jacket: vintage LEE thrifted
dress: Cooperative, urban outfitters
shoes: vintage thrifted
belt: vintage, gift from my old friend


Sparkles said...

I just love this outfit: all the blues!

Love the sky colour, just amazing.

That story is hilarious.

Glad you're happy, I'm happy too!

Sparkles x

amanda said...

the sky look so cool!! it actually goes quite nicely with your outfit. you planned this didn't you? :)
love the sundress. it seems so comfortable and perfect for a warm summer night.

Tugba said...

U look always very tanned :) Is it natural? It looks gorgeous. Please let me know :D


Lindsay said...

Old friends are the best friends. Sounds like you had a great night in a great outfit.


Charmalade said...

How in the blazes do you still manage to look good in flash photos? I hardly try to use it because of how it robs color, etc. but you! Very nice. The stormy blue does work nicely against the backdrop, actually!

As for the story-- that is a really sickeningly funny tale. And it's true?? hahahaha

Toast with Charmalade

Haiku Ambulance said...

Oh the little vintage (obi?) belt is just wonderful. I feel like with those nice, soft colors that I would totally abuse it and wear it daily.

And I too, am extremely talented at drooling all over myself. It's a skill I've been honing all my life. Especially while laughing, which is even better because sometimes that makes it projectile.

Have a lovely time with your visitor!


doublysweet said...

i actually really like that dating rule. it doesn't seem harsh--it's just respectful and seems traditional enough . . .

and often times when i look at your outfits, I always think certain pieces are so great and wonder if it's possible to snag something of the like, and it's always vintage. haha. my goal is to not copy your look, but your style is inspiring and i don't have a designated "look," so i always enjoy what you're wearing.
this is too long.

Kimberellie said...

These photos turned out beautifully. You are just so glowing and gorgeous lately. And you have awesome legs!!! Glad you are having fun!

And love that dating rule. Think I will use that myself I like it so much! And your belt is awesome. And you are awesome. And I just had to stop by here before I went for my second nap of the day (only 4 hours sleep last night...baby teething and has a horrible cold).

Heart: ME!!

Panty Buns said...

You look absolutely radiant in that vintage blue jean jacket and pretty patterned Urban Outfitters dress. That lighting is fantastic. Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Outfit is definitely chic and you're absolutely gorgeous! And it's nice to see old friends whom you can be your old self and reminisce old times.... Have a good weekend!

dear kate said...

great photos! the outfit is adorable and your hair has looked so cute lately! good work!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

That dress is cute, I love the pattern.

Ashley said...

Such a cute dress! Your hair looks fantastic in these pics. Enjoy the fireworks, I'm jealous I love fireworks so much!

xoxo, Ashley

Fia said...

1) These pictures are hot!

2) I choke on my spit ALL THE TIME. I thought I was the only one. I feel pretty foolish. I mean, who does that? Like I never learned how to regulate my saliva properly.

Ella Valeris Morrol said...

I'm in love with...?

a) your tan
b) your dress
c) your jacket


d) all of the above

Definitively D! How do you get those simple items and make them a great outfit? and PLEASE tell me your tan is real (I'm soooo disappointed by "Sunset Tan" and "Jersey Shore" that I don't want to look at people with fake tan anymore)

LyddieGal said...

That is quite the chowder story!
Love the dress, just adorable!

Chic on the Cheap

The Sound of Lace said...

i love that belt with that dress!


Fashion Butter said...

I am in love with your hair color ... I have been thinking about going back to blonde lately and these beautiful pictures are nudging me even closer to it ... :)

Claudia said...

You look gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo, lovely outfit, I love your hair also, you look fab :)

Jolie said...

You are just all a glow in all of your latest pics! You look stunning!

April said...

That's a hilarious story (although, yes, gross). I love summer too, and I'm happy that you got to spend time with your oldest friend! :)

Glitter Scrubs said...

even in the dark you look absolutely gorgeous and glowing! and somehow you make your story about vomiting clam chowder into a bowl sound sort of endearing lol. The sky does some trippy things at night... i only wish i knew how to capture it on my camera a little better

Sarah-Leigh said...

You don't get much better that a sweet summer dress and denim jacket this summer in my book - effortlessly beautiful.



km. said...

adorable belt!


Cris said...

Such a gorgeous dress!!! I found you on IFB. You have great style.


jemina said...

love this outfit, and im so glad i found your blog, im perusing every post and loving what im reading (and seeing :)), xoxo

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