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I was trying really hard to get my shit together and prepare a thrifting post for tomorrow and maybe even take some pictures before I leave in like 2 hours for San Francisco, but its just not going to happen in this reality! Seems I am actually too old to stay out partying till 4:00 am. Nuff said.  I will be taking pics in the city though and meeting with a couple of bloggers so I will have lots to share when I get back (and may do a post while I am there, we will see.) I just wanted to pop in really quick and let you know.

VERY FUNNY AND GREAT OPPORTUNITY: Merl is a freaking genius.  If you tell her your funniest joke before 3:00 pm tomorrow I think, and she thinks it the funniest of all the others, you are going to get like a free ring and a 40% discount on something cool! My head is fuzzy so go to her blog and check out the details.  There are some really funny ones there already and I may have to just bookmark that post so that I always have a good joke up my sleeve!

Thanks for stopping by!  Now go tell Merl a joke so I can read it later!


Anonymous said...

HA! I love you when you're hungover. Since I have only met you once, the first time, the only time, when you were a little hungover.

San Fran! My favorite place! I wonder which bloggers you are meeting... if you meet Laura from On The Racks, tell her I said hello! That sort of seems to be a hub for the most amazing bloggers, huh? Very jealous. Oh and you should come to the Taos Mountain Music Festival with us in September. Just sayin'. Have fun... and... hydrate!

rk hall said...

Just went through your entire blog and I'm addicted. Every outfit is fantastic + colorful. And bonus.. You're pretty hilarious. I wish I was.. enough that I could leave a joke at Merl's blog. ha

Have fun in San Fran! xx rk


holly in heels said...

Ha! Hilarious! Will do--happy Friday!
P.S. don’t miss the giveaway in my site right now! Fun, fashionable & free!

Jocelyne said...

ohhh, I'm in SF too! Have a great time, it's gonna be a crazy weekend. It's pride weekend so the city will be blowing up! Backstreet boys are playing for free, haha!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in SF!



Ashley said...

Love your blog!

Fay said...

yay! Love these Pictures! all of 'em!
Glad you had a fun weekend! Thanx for all the sweet things you said!

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