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On day three of the convention in Vegas I wore this exact outfit, minus the hat.  I apologize for not getting a shot of it but the whole day was sort of hurried with breaking down our booth and all, and by the time we got back to the room to get my camera for photos, I just fell face down on the bed, with my shoes still on, and went completely to sleep. There was a wet spot under my face when I finally woke up for dinner and completely smeared mascara all over my cheek.  Apparently no pictures were being taken. The next day I just wore the same thing with cut off shorts and my TOMS since my feet were still tender, then we drove all day home.  Not very eventful. I wanted to at least show you my final attempt at profesh dressing (though it was more like casual Tuesday).  I was originally going to wear a pencil skirt and a blouse with my suit jacket but my sandals were my most comfy shoes and they looked ridiculous with the knee length skirt so I quickly swapped my whole outfit for this one and it seemed to be fine.  Most women had shifted to flip flops and flats anyway.  

Now we are home and I have a lot of caching up to do, but it feels so wonderful to be back! Thank you for your feedback on my suit and business attire (though it was not super conservative).  I have a completely renewed respect for you women who do this everyday.  This was a very humbling experience and has made me feel extremely fortunate to work for myself in a creative field!

Trench Skirt: H&M
Tank and Circle Scarf: American Apparel
Shoes: vintage 9 West
Beaded Bracelet: Street Vendor Honduras
Hat: Dockers
Shoes: TOMS


Karen Beth said...

I just ordered my first ever pair of TOMS! I got the Burlap Classics and I can't wait to try them. They haven't arrived yet. They look like perfect summer shoes. Do you love them?


Karen Beth

tess said...

you're so blond now! love it!

Brianna said...

Cute scarf :)


Sal said...

That looks like the perfect convention recovery ensemble.

Tugba said...

Ur so lucky that u have such great weather :(

U look stunning :D

Kimberellie said...

adore this look. the circle scarf is perfect. I want to steal it off your neck. and as always I am in love with your skirt.

and isn't that funny when shoes just won't go with something? I don't always know they why in why not when things won't work together and so I just figure they are being stubborn and unfriendly.

Anonymous said...

I really dig those Toms shoes. My roommate has a similar pair that I've been eyeing!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Hannah :0] said...

Do you like your TOMS? I LOVE mine!! They are so comfy and are perfect for summer.


Seval said...

Oh welcome to your home, I didn't have time/strenght to read your posts but I tried to check all of them... I'll come back here later but I wanted to share with you that I've started yoga tonight... It didn't feel better on my arms - they started to ache like electric shock today, I hope it's temporary- but it felt very well as a whole... Missed you! xo

km. said...

Cute glasses! And i love the beaded bracelet


dearkate said...

this is one of my favorite looks by you! great colors -- so perfect!

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