Lots to cover!

I got home from my pole dancing class last night to find these GORGEOUS new tights waiting for me!! OH MY GOODNESS!!  They are my new FAVORITE TIGHTS EVER!  I got them from WeLoveColors.com along with two additional bright colored tights (will debut soon!) Can I just tell you that I have been lusting over tights from this company FOR YEARS!  Before I ever even knew what a blog was, when I just wore jean all the time, when colored tights were a fantasy of mine, I had the ad from Lucky Magazine (the one with the girl wearing blue tights with an orange dress!) cut out and pasted in my inspiration notebook! To finally own a few pairs is a dream come true for me! (its the simple things really!) These ones are called Nylon Tights (metallic) Silver and Gold Rain.  They are the best tight I have ever owned.  I took these pictures last night while I was still glowing! 

Tips for a very successful pole dancing class:

  1. Cowboy boots with a sturdy heel
  2. Daisy Dukes
  3. Split of Korbel Champagne 
  4. Christina's Pole dance disk (Scroll to the bottom of this post to win this compilation disk!)
  5. Dim lights
  6. Red lips
That did it for me.  I felt like a rock star last night!  I have to build more upper body strength but I have mastered the keys to this thing!  I bought 6 more classes though to make it second nature.  I have no idea if these skills will ever come in handy, but it is nice to have a special talent tucked up your sleeve.  

Now on the subject of lists, I have very graciously been given some pretty sweet blog Awards! They all mostly require the same things, A list of facts or single word answers to a list of questions.  I think Awards like these are cool for getting to know bloggers, but since I sort of Ramble on about myself all the time anyway, I thought maybe I would just talk a little about each person who awarded it to me.

Haute Mess Award from Annie at Time enough for Drums.
I met Annie on Chictopia before she had her blog and was immediately drawn to her adorable glasses and sincere comments! She loves vintage and is creative and fresh in her styling.  Thanks Annie!
Kreativ Blogger award from Perfecta at Another Fab Day.
A quote from this stylish woman ""Every piece in your wardrobe should make you feel Fab and carry a story. Mine do." Very Well Said! She blogs in two different languages and is an expert at layering! Thanks Perfecta!

Your blog is fabulous From Jolie at Senorita Fashionista.
Jolie is a Very fashionable woman and a very talented Makeup artist to boot! She gives reviews and tips for make up application and shows things that inspire her as well as her own style!  Thanks Jolie!  
Kreativ Blogger from DIRTY HAIR HALO.
Every time I get a comment from this girl I get a little squirm in my tummy and feel like I just got a short, cool note from my hugest boy crush in Middle school.  NO, she does not look like a middle school boy.  She has MAD style and makes me literally laugh out loud when I read her blog.  So yes,  Thank you insanely hot girl. 

Over the Top award from Corie at My Taste Indeed.
Corie not only has an amazing personal style and a killer Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction Hair Cut (which she does HERSELF!) she also is a very grounded, down to earth, wise and philosophical person.  Thanks Corie!
Best Blog Award from Tiny Quirks.  
This girl is completely adorable, a student, and a very sweet sister!  She has a very nice blog cataloging her outfits (layers leggings, ruffles) and her search for the perfect prom dress.  Thank so much Sweet girl! 

So, according to all of these awards I am supposed to grant awards on to like 50 other bloggers or something crazy like that! (I am not into arithmetic) That is like my entire blog roll!! Instead I am  going to do a big giveaway.  Hope you are not mad.  I am giving away 20 copies of "Christina's Pole Dance Disk" a compilation of songs you can't help but love ranging from songs by Wanda Jackson, to Bob Dylan, The Beatles, the Stones, Micheal Jackson, I mean the list goes on!  And they are all VERY danceable songs you can play while you take your outfit photos for your blog, or for a cool dinner party!  To win simply be one of the first 20 people to EMAIL ME at secondskin19(at)gmail(dot)com WITH YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!!  I can't stress the address part enough!  I will send a confirmation email to let you know you made it in the first 20, and may send more depending on turn out! 

TIME STAMP 1:05  only 4 disks left!!
TIME STAMP 1:37 only 1 disk left!!  But if you were too late, I will still send you a disk if you send me a self addressed and stamped envelope to me first!!  Email me for specifics! Congrats to all the winners!  They went quick ya 'll.  


Blogger Christen said...

I need those tights. No joke, I need them. They are quite possibly the most awesome tights I have ever seen.
And can I just say that I adore you even more now that I know you are taking pole dancing classes? You might be the coolest person ever. With the most awesome tight ever. :)
(Sorry for the silly comment, I'm in a goofy mood *smile*)


tess said...

awesome tights!

your pole dancing class sounds so empowering, glad you're enjoying it

Alyssa said...

just want to let you know that i joined chicopedia with your add code :) hope you get to NYC!

this outfit is fab!

amanda said...

for realz, lady, this is like my top 2 favorite outfit of yours! those tights are amazing! you look gorgeous:)

Eyeliah said...

very cool, I emailed. :-)

Kim Pesch said...

love the jacket! those tights are HOT lady. Just ordered me a pair of the GOLD and some other fun colors.

Can't wait for the cd of goodness.

xo, Kim www.crowded-closet.com

RobinTM said...

Nice! I love the tights! I would love to hear what is on your compilation! :o)

Lulu said...

oooh love your tights. maybe it's just the pics, but they remind me of an old static-y tv. in a really good way. =]


Seval said...

Haha! :) I guess I'm late! That's ok, I think I can be patient enough to wait for the day we meet :) Sooner or later :) I love how you look, I'm sure you're dancing wonderful! And I'm so happy to know you.

D. said...

Awesome tights. I've been lusting over a pair for a while now too.

On a side note, the sweater I'm wearing today reminds me of you for some reason.

Senorita Fashionista said...

Omg, I have to visit that link, those are the most amazing leggings I have ever seen!
You totally deserve all the awards you receive! xoxo Jolie

Fashion Therapist said...

I love your tights! Also, I love pole dancing - I've taken classes and i swear the work out is like no other!

Lipstick Chick said...

I have desperately wanted to try out new tights from WeLoveColors, so I can relate to your excitement! They're beautiful!


Corie said...

You know what? Your wardrobe is amazing! You always look so cute in everything you put on; and happy. And, the red lip looks good on you. Take care & you're welcome! ~Corie

junebabie said...

I love We Love Colors! they have all the colours a girl could possible want. :o)

Lexie said...

i love those tights! you style them so well!

Darlyn said...

Your pole-dancing class sounds so fun.

I love your tights! I want to wear colored tights too but I'm a bit shy. Someday... *Sighs.*

Great blog, btw.

Anonymous said...

wow these tights are really gorgeous!!!

sparkle motion said...

awesome tights! especially with those boots!

Jenny said...

I want some of those tights. I read somewhere that they're super durable, which is what I need. I may have to check them out. I'm just lazy about ordering things online! Haha.

I'm sad I missed your mix giveaway but what a great idea!

Christen said...

I need those tights. No joke, I need them. They are quite possibly the most awesome tights I have ever seen.

And can I just say that I adore you even more now that I know you are taking pole dancing classes? You might be the coolest person ever. With the most awesome tight ever. :)

(Sorry for the silly comment, I'm in a goofy mood *smile*)

joAnna Duncan said...

loving the tights! can't wait to hear the cd- thank you! x

Jen said...

Pretty, pretty tights. I can see why you were so excited! Pole dancing is surely a skill all girls should have? I want to learn after hearing such great things from you - cowboy boots and red lips? So fabulous!

Samantha said...

I LOVE the tights!!! You always look SOOOO good!!! WE LOVE COLORS has such good stuff, I sware I must have every color that they sell and the quality, feel, opaqueness, just super!

I enjoy your blog so much. One question. You said something a little bit ago about having never gotten east of arizona, not to be nosey, but is that the general area you live. It is for me!

Keep up the great work!


princesspolitico said...

those tights are to DIE for! congrads on the multiple blog awards too :)


Clare said...

Oh my, those are DELIGHTFUL tights! And congrats on those awards!

Helen said...

i've always fancied a pole dancing glass, i can imagine it really tones your legs up! i don't think there are any in my area yet though

Kodi Fujii said...

I abolutely love the tights girl.

ru.kurarin said...

ahhh I've always wanted to try one but I have zero flexibility and no strength to speak of.

i adore that jacket and you own those tights!

Diana said...

Those tights are fantastic! I've been looking for some tights with a metallic/sparkly sheen.

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