Hemming and Hawing

I just wanted to show you these dresses I hemmed!  The first and second ones I did in my sewing class at the high school this week and the last one was something I did on my own a couple of months ago that was originally a long sleeved, collared, below the knee monstrosity.  I wore it with this blazer and booties (no leggings) during the summer to an independent horror film festival.  If you look closely at the print you will see it is little guys with guitars!  It was the print that sold me on it, but the shape was a little too much and super dowdy.  I am happy that sewing machines give us the power to reinvent things.  I generally do not alter vintage things if they are signature, classic shapes, but I feel less precious about the 80's.

So many of you commented and I am so excited to go meet you on your blogs or in OZ!  I have the whole morning free to list on etsy and electronically travel (dishes and laundry can wait till tomorrow!) Oh, d.rose, That IS the skirt you had in your hot little hand!  I sort of feel bad!  You should have it in your possession!  My word of wisdom:  Always shop alone (or with a fellow blogger who gets it!) so your instincts are not muddled!


Kyla said...

That print is sooo awesome! I love it! That would make me smile every time I looked at it.
I, too, am very thankful for my sewing machine and ability to transform so many articles of clothing. It definitely saves me a huge chunk of change on clothing!

Kyla said...

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! I'm doing the same. Your blog and style are fantastic! Definitely a new favorite!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I just came across this first photo on weardrobe and had to come check out your blog. I love this dress and your look in general!


Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

I love the dress you are wearing you look beautiful. I stumbled on your blog I am going to follow you.
Cool blog.

theflawlet said...

these are just lovely and I just fell in love with that print!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I cannot sew to save my life in spite of my mother in laws attempts to teach me. Bummer too, because as a short girl I could totally benefit from being able to hem long things.

The Book of Right-On said...

Hey!! Thank you so much for the lovely comments, glad you like our blog :)
Come back soon for more!!
Margaux from Book of Right On

betz said...

how i wish i know how to sew. the dresses are so gorgeous. this is my first visit here, i'm sure i'm coming back. following you!


Seval said...

hahah they are really some sweet guitarists :D what a pretty print! So you already knew how to hem! You are a totally talented and inspiring blogger! Loved the second dress especially, just my type :)

sarah said...

love that blazer!
very impressive hemming skills!

A and A said...

The first dress. Wow. Where did you find that gem? Perfect length. Looks like it would be so versatile.. belted/unbelted, oxfords/boots/platform booties... my mind is racing with this one.
Gorgeous as ever.
Amy and Alex

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