I had to use my flash today because the weather outside is frightful.  I know I already posted today, but I was so inspired by the J Crew catalog that came in the mail, and planning my Christmas list, I put together this ensemble.  I think the shorts are a little too short but I didn't have any longer ones that I could roll up.  Oh well.  The leggings are a little thicker and cover everything.

Another reason I wanted to post again today is because A. Cullen from Time Enough for Drums Nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award!  Here are 7 random facts about me:

  1. My Favorite song in the whole wide world is “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles, written by George Harrison. I love the slower longer version and the kick ass version where Eric Clapton plays guitar. Youtube it if you have to. It is worth everything.
  2. In a past life I think I was an orange cat. I love cleaning myself, sleeping in window seats, being alone, stretching, I only let people pet me when and how I want them to, and I can have happy jumping energy one second, but be purring on the couch the next.
  3. My favorite colors are orange and brown, or just about every shade of tanned leather, rust, dirt, smoggy sunset, wood, or muddyness.
  4. I wear boots EVERYDAY. Mostly because I am a little insecure about my ankles. I would do it even if they were not on trend.
  5. I LOVE people in glasses. men women it just doesn’t matter. I think the reason I fell for my husband so hard was because of his glasses. I have a pair, but I am SO blind and unwilling to give up my peripheral vision for vanity.
  6. My greatest weakness is salt and oil together with any type of potatoes. I would willingly banish all sugar from my diet FOREVER, but would probably commit suicide if you took away hash-browns.
  7. I have girl crushes on a number of bloggers. I would rather not say which ones so they don’t get freaked out. But EVERYONE does right?
Now there are Seven other bloggers I would like to nominate for this award, in no particular order:

  2. Goldleaf
  3. {megs in wonderland}
  4. Between Laundry Days
  5. girlfacedana
  6. Blue Collar Catwalk
  7. Just My Style. . . 
I would love to nominate SO many more.  And there are a few bloggers that I would nominate but I know they have won this thing like a million times.  This part was kinda hard for me.  


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I am loving this look and that scarf is awesome! I am really blind, as well, but I wear my glasses sometimes because of my allergies.

Brittany said...

Those boots are wonderful! And yellow looks wonderful on you, I love the colors you put together for your outfit :)

girlfacedana said...

and no, I sadly did not buy the mask (I know, this is kind of strange posting that here..) because it was a little out of my price range. Maybe another time.

Django et Coco said...

Already left you a comment on Chictopia but I came visit your blog and thought I would mention again that I love this look especially your lovely yellow jacket and rust leather boots!



Zhcsyra hp said...

whoaa.,.love ur adorable the outfits and such the great style <3 <3 <3


Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

we like a lot of the same things. esp the colours orange, rust and tan. that's why i love your picks for "basic needs". grey and brown, grey and tan are my fave combinations. love the colour dirt too. i have many eyeshadows that look muddy and dirt-y. i love it when men and women look good in glasses. all except myself. i've thought about having my eyes lasered (cos i'm such a klutz) but it's not so necessary since i'm getting older. not so much due to vanity and convenience but the fact that my myopia will be replaced by long-sightedness with age.

i don't think i've heard the beatles' version of that song. off to youtube now.

piglet said...

I love everything in this look, but mostly that jacket, amazing!

Oh and thanks so much for adding me!
I'll add you to mine now xxx

Seval said...

oh well, what an inspiration! First I have to say that your hair looks really beautiful in DSC02504 & DSC02511 And the close up in 2511 is a very good idea, so that we could see the detail of the shirt and the beautiful scarf and your wonderful eyes! & Your jacket is so classy!

About the facts! I realised that we look so much like each other! And now even more sure that we could be very good real life friends!


{megs in wonderland} said...

thanks for the award!!!

and i should let you know, that besides looking like maggie, we also have a few more things in common:

i worship the beatles.
i hate my ankles too.
i have plenty of girl crushes!
my favorite food is a potato. made in ANY way.
and i wear glasses.
we are so cool.

Anonymous said...

I got the J Crew Holiday catalog and I must say you did a wonderful job recreating those outfits! I was pondering the idea of getting a second job to afford some of those : )

Lindsay Jean said...

we share favorite colors!

i adore this look - totally going to use it for inspiration this week!

Diana said...

I'm loving the look of shorts layered over tights/leggings.

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