why dress at all

1. print by Antonio Rizzi
2.Infanticide, Giovanni Segantini. This mixed media painting is actually in color but I love this sepia tone version.  It feels so much darker and desolate.
3. Cover to Cat Power The Covers Record
4-10. Paintings and Drawings by Egon Schiele

I didn't dress again today, but thought I would take this lovely opportunity to show you some of my VERY favorite images.  Seems that many of them failed to dress as well.  Just laying around in stockings or nothing.  Ah the life.  


tieka said...

Great images!

And to answer your question, we've been married for 2 1/2 years! You're married right?

A and A said...

really love this post... (and Cat Power... there are no words...)
Also, the dress above is perfection. Why can't I make money instead of spend it? ouuy.
I want to take your class... seriously. What a treasure... high school kids are at such an amazing period. Ready to take things seriously, grow, and put everything they have into any given project. I love this one you have them working on... can you take photos of the results and post??
That would be amazing.

hope your holidays were full of rich food, good company and relaxation.

xx Amy and Alex

girlfacedana said...

YOU are just adorable!
no really, I check your blog e'ryday. It's the bombdiggity. I love the dress form in all the outfit photos.

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