Just Fun

I live in a very dry, very sunny climate so its FREAKING FREEZING after dark and before dawn (we wake to ICE covering everything), and actually comfortable during the day and just before the sun goes down.  I have been wanting to try the shorts with tights thing (now that I am wearing tights it seems everyday) and thought that a nice time to try it out would be a low key Saturday.  These are my favorite shorts and I actually wear them most of summer with my boots.  This shirt was a thrift store find and I normally wear it tucked into a high waisted skirt or pants.  I wish it was long enough to be a dress but it really is not.  I LOVE the Crocheted neckline and exposed shoulders.  Soon it will be too cold even in the daylight to wear this top so I though I would get it out this last time.


Clare said...

Oh my gosh, this outfit is so great for a casual Saturday! It's laid back but still really put together. I love it!


stefania said...

OMG...love the hat!!

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