Today I am going thrifting and I am so freaking excited!  I haven't hit a few of my favorite shops for a few weeks, one of them for more than a month (!!!!) but it is absolutely imperative that I let them rest for a period of time, let the golden goose restore her minerals and whatnot.  Yesterday though, I had a premonition.  My instincts told me it was time.  SOMETHING FANTASTIC that I have created in my mind (the perfect riding boots? a hooded cape? OH!!  IT COULD BE ANYTHING!) has materialized in someone's closet, become intolerable to them and has been delivered to the Salvation Army where it waits for my arrival.  I will probably drive a little fast today.  Not like crazy fast, just like 6 miles over the speed limit.  My heart will race when I pull into the parking lot.  I will walk in and quickly case the joint (don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about).  My palms will sweat as I smile at the cashier who always greets me so sweetly as I grab my shopping cart.  As I struggle to keep my breath from being embarrassingly audible, I will carefully scan the shoes and boots.  Somewhere,  my treasure will make its presence known then . . . LAAAAAAAAAAA (sparkling lights, angels, music, that crazy wiggle feeling I get in my soul when I find it, The exquisite texture!)   This is why I have an etsy shop.  For me its the HUNT.  I may not even keep a single thing I find tomorrow (unless its, you know what) but it doesn't matter.  I will FIND amazing things.

Oh, and regarding my outfit, This is my attempt at grunge.  I didn't fully grasp it the first time around (then I was just a grungy teenager, not chicly grunge).  The bottom photo is an example of where my comfort zone WAS before I began challenging myself to branch out.  I FIND so many beautiful things!  I may as well start wearing them!  Like these boots!  Gosh darnit right!!


idée_géniale said...

Well you know me, i always love the tights/shorts combo, so you look fantastic in that first outfit! Good luck on the hunt today. i can't wait to get to Canada and get some thrift store hunt on.

Django et Coco said...

I enjoy your little story about thrift store hunt! You describe it so well ;)

Love the purple boots! They are so darling!



Piglet said...

I love your "chic grunge" look. Those tights are such a pretty colour, and the necklace is darling.

Zhcsyra hp said...

je adore u linda :))
i complete love ur adorable floral dress,nice hat,fabulous boots
nice combined <33333

gros bissouss xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

So I'm being an internet stalker today on just about everyone (lol) and browsing through your old entries I see this! And I have this little floral number heehee.

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