The Next Logical Step

On my most recent shopping trip at the thrift stores I decided to check out the overalls. They have always been interesting to me and I wore them like crazy in the 90's, and honestly I think they are the next big thing. It seems only logical to me. I could be wrong, but in the mean time I am totally rocking them.

Speaking of the next logical step, did go to a pretty progressive fashion show last Friday evening featuring new designs and revamped stylings of thrift store clothing by young designers. The show took place in a huge thrift store and over all felt like the spawn of Curt Cobain and Rainbow bright. I purchased two pieces from the show: the second image, an ensemble by Dominique Palladino and below that, a dress made from a bed sheet by Genny Reuter. Both were insanely affordable and really incredible. Dominique has her own blog that I will be providing the link for as soon as I get it. She is a genius. You will see.

I also included a few shirts I am pretty excited about.  

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d.rose said...

Heyy there missy!! Thank you so much for the letter/$$ ;) I actually put your letter in a pile of mail that I have yet to finish going through, and I can't find it!?! haha, so I finally google searched you and I found your blog! So now I'm following you becauase I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! And you look sooo adorable in the outfit!! I can't wait to visit your etsy page!!! I'm gonna go crazy! HAHA xoxo

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